SHOW 034

Winter Nuts

Stopping on the roadside to buy roasted and salted peanuts shows some signs of the winter sill remain even as day temperatures soar. It is said of the Bahrain winter though it may show signs of going away rather soon, it will give us a last parting kick before it finally goes away.


Pigeon strike?

Spotted just these three pigeons in an area of the Old Manama Suq where there would normally be hundreds of birds every evening, feeding on the morsels given to them by passersby. It was actually a strange sight since there was no fluttering, no mad rush to get at the food and no excitement. There…


Friday Prayers in Manama

Weekend Friday prayers in the Old Manama Suq in Bahrain. Thousands of people get together on the streets of the old quarter a little before noon, come hail or shine. The gatherings are rather pleasant occasions during the cool winter months, though  worshipers have to endure sizzling temperatures in the summer.


At the Fishmonger’s

We visit the fishmongers in Manama once a month. And this gentleman, from Bangladesh, keeps the choicest catch ready, cleaned and packed for use as we reach. He is also up to date with technology, liberally using WhatsApp and Instagram for marketing, sending out messages and pictures to customers, who can then decide what they…


Close shave

One of Bahrain’s most famous places – the ancient Muharraq Suq – has lived to see another day after a devastating fire, thanks to timely intervention by the country’s Civil Defence services. However, in spite of their prompt action – saving the entire area from being reduced to nothing – four of the area’s best-known…

Cheerey Tomatoes

We went to buy fish at the local Farmer’s Market on Saturday and came back with a load that we had to clean ourselves in the process leaving the kitchen in a mess and the apartment smelling for several hours. But we also got back some lovely red fresh cherry tomatoes – which made our…