Time for Lunch

Roadside workers sitting down to have a meal has always been one of the best sights anywhere. These men, coming from diverse backgrounds and of different nationalities, find time to get together as they take a break from work and present a picture of bonhomie, camaraderie and togetherness that can only come when they are…


Out of the window

We took a bus ride this morning. This is rather unusual in Bahrain for two reasons. One – there has never been (until now) any public transport that got you anywhere and, two, fuel is far too cheap in this country and there are far too many cars for anyone to really bother about taking…


Lunch time in Manama

This roadside restaurant does brisk business in Manama over the weekend. Hundreds of people, mostly men, eat at such stalls twice a day. Though it is highly cost-effective, with a full meal costing less than $3, the low price has nothing to do with the the rush of customers for whom it’s a tradition to…

Sunset in Manama

Looking Out

Bahraini youngsters on a pier look at the Manama skyline as they prepare to settle down for an evening of fishing off the coast of Muharraq. With the sizzling summer weather easing, particularly late in the evening, such scenes will become even more commonplace in the days and weeks to come.