Scream destination

Looking through some old pictures, I came across these – those of my Egypt trip to Cairo and Sharm Al Shaikh – back in 2003. It was a memorable one-week holiday along with a group of senior travel industry officials from Bahrain and one that I will forever remember. For once, I came across a…

Surise at Al Dar

The Sun Rises at Al Dar

The ever-glorious sunrise at Bahrain’s Al Dar Islands – one of the perfect getaway’s on the weekend. A short boat ride from the mainland, it’s a dream destination, with its luxury chalets, open air restaurants and lots of song, dance and barbecue. We have had the privilege of visiting several times, most notably when the…

Bahrain Lights Eid festival

Eid is round the corner

Bahrain is all lighted up and ready for the Eid festival this weekend. The five-day accompanying holiday is looked forward to with most families preferring to take a shot break overseas. This picture, taken just inside the Isa Town Gate, gives a sense of the decorations around the country!


Carrying the burden of fate

This is one of the most disturbing images of life in the higher reaches of northern India. Because of the terrain, the absence of traffic and population scattered across several hills, porters such as this one carry huge amounts of goods – from boxes, cooking gas cylinders, girders, carpets – and everything else – up…

Carpet of pine

These large pine trees, so common in the hills of Northern India, typically thrive at high altitudes and present a beautiful ‘looking up’ sight in the summer months. Strangely, though, during winters, they are listless and droopy, perhaps shivering in extremely cold conditions and the ‘weight’ of constant snowfall. This picture was taken during an…


Game On!

Hundreds of while collar expatriate workers, mostly from Bangladesh, converge at the well-known ‘Bangali Galli’ (the street of the Bengali’s) in Bahrain’s Muharraq district every weekend to spend quality time together. They get together not only to exchange notes over the week gone by but also play games, the most popular being carom and cards.…