The Walkway on the Coast

A crisp winter evening, clear skies and hardly anyone on this rather artistic wooden walking bridge over the Arad Bay in Bahrain makes for an interesting ‘capture.’ Hundreds of people would normally be here every evening but the 13 degrees ‘chill’ is perhaps keeping most away. That’s, of course, ‘cold’ by Bahrain standards!

DSC_1008 copy

Park Royale

The sun sets over Bahrain’s Arad Bay with scores of walking enthusiasts going about their daily business even as the severe summer heat has eased over the last few days. A sunset in Bahrain always presents a most beautiful sight and comes up with something unique each time it is photographed.

The camera sees it all

Resting a while after a walk in Arad, and fiddling with the camera, I randomly took a few pictures. Realising it was dark and not much could be “seen”, I nevertheless snapped away. And, to my surprise, came up with what I thought were some rather unusual shots. There’s an enthusiastic jogger running past me…

Cheat Day at the Walkway

We went out for a drive this evening! It was meant to be just a drive. Ended up at the local McDonald’s store and burgers and wraps followed (what else). We still wanted to “drive around” so we did. Did not wish to go home at that stage so drove to one of our favourite…


The Waltz

I snapped these majestic words taking a walk along the Arad Bay in Bahrain. It was a sight to see them make their way across the rising tide but not really moving much. While common to spot storks and other migratory birds on the coastline, I have rarely spotted so many in one group.

Love Birds

This beautiful “couple” was spotted near the Bahrain International Airport. The stork “interaction”, even if it was two weeks after Valentines Day, took place as the high tide was coming in at the Arad Walkway, providing hundreds of evening walkers with an interesting interlude.

No dumb belle this!

I never thought I would be intimidated – not after all these years of living fearlessly. But it happened. And how! The “perpetrator” is my four feet something female trainer at the gym I had joined three weeks ago. The confident, exceptionally muscular, little woman has made my workouts emotionally draining as well, all the…