fishing boat

The storm before the calm

It’s been a stormy last few days in Bahrain and, among other things that have happened, the price of fish has gone up. This because fishermen have been warned to stay off the high seas and avoid any mishaps. This is one such dhow at the Muharraq ‘fishing village’ waiting for the storm to pass,…


Pier Perfect

One of the scores of piers at Bahrain’s Busaiteen coast waits for the winter fishermen as the evening weather starts to cool down after a torrid five months of summer. Such piers, in their hundreds across this small island nation, are used by amateurs and professionals alike who get their fishing rods out to take…

Sunset in Manama

Looking Out

Bahraini youngsters on a pier look at the Manama skyline as they prepare to settle down for an evening of fishing off the coast of Muharraq. With the sizzling summer weather easing, particularly late in the evening, such scenes will become even more commonplace in the days and weeks to come.


Blessed Bahrain

This regiment of the common tern presented a pleasant sight as we made our way on the jetty towards the Al Dar Islands Resort off the cost of Sitra during our visit there towards the end of the last winter. Armies of migratory birds that routinely come to Bahrain every winter have made a rather…


Boat aground

This boat on the Busaiteen coast in Bahrain presents a rather eerie sight, lying as it does a quite a distance from the ‘highest’ point of the tide. Some local fishermen said thought the derelict boat had been left there by someone who no longer had any use for it, a few years ago, the…


Night waves

A passing car in the background creates a ‘wave’ effect as it ‘bounces’ along on the rocky coastline in Busaiteen, Bahrain. This area is a favourite for amateur photographers who experiment with their cameras to take that perfect picture on different settings. This picture of a ‘beach chalet’, taken long after the sun had gone…



Taking night shots is challenging but I have done a lot of it lately, mainly to discover some of the “hidden” features of my camera. This picture, of a clear moonlit night and still waters on the Manama cost, close to Bahrain’s financial district, shows the calmness of the night and the almost pin drop…