Macro this

The colours of the winter are awesome. In the part of the world where I am, our winter is the autumn – with lots of flowers, greenery and a beautiful feeling. I stepped out this morning with a macro filter attached to my Nikon and some of the results are shown here. One can never…


A splash of colour

A whole new look at Bahrain’s Galali Township from a helicopter. One can never appreciate the ‘real’ and ‘true’ colours of houses, lanes and streets as one drives along but the striking colourful beauty comes across picture-perfect from an Ariel photograph.


This, folks, is our winter

Rain in Bahrain is always welcome – and coming after a very long summer, it is even more so. It’s windy, it’s cold, rather nippy at 17 degrees C (yes, that’s COLD here), and the ‘woolens’ are out for many locals. However, for us, we have only moved indoors temporarily – until the ‘cold spell’…


A slice of history passes on

One of Muharraq’s icons Rajab Bu Muftah is no more. He passed on a month ago. I realised his legendary status on visiting the Old Suq two evenings ago. On finding empty shelves and a locked door at Bu Muftah’s antique shop, I asked an accompanying friend why it was so and he told me…


Not kite the way!

I took some pictures of kite-flying enthusiasts playing with what they now call kites. Made of plastic and fibre, with fibre strings as well, these ‘birds’ just fly in the wind, with no skill involved and no sense of adventure. Compare this with the days when we indulged in this sport (yes, it was SPORT…