The Waltz

I snapped these majestic words taking a walk along the Arad Bay in Bahrain. It was a sight to see them make their way across the rising tide but not really moving much. While common to spot storks and other migratory birds on the coastline, I have rarely spotted so many in one group.

Clapton’s Coming to Town!

Eric Clapton’s coming to town. I wondered what the fuss was all about until I saw the morning papers which said tickets had sold out “within no time”, leaving hundreds disappointed. I still couldn’t figure out what was so great about “just another singer” coming in to perform for a couple of hours but when…

In Formal

Sunday is the fifth day of Islams Holy Month of Ramadan and the ‘gabhga’ season is also well under way. Hundreds of people gather at the scores of Ramadan tents at hotels and other places in Bahrain to eat sing and socialise till the wee hours of the morning. The gatherings are also used by…