Old Bahrain house

This is one of the oldest houses in Bahrain’s Manama area. Made in the traditional style, mainly out of mud and bamboo, this nearly 100-year old building had, until a few years ago, people living within its confines. It is only now that Bahrain’s Culture Ministry has taken it upon itself to renovate this and…


Old Glory

Bahraini girls play hopscotch in the old part of Bahrain’s Muharraq district.
Though Muharraq Island is considered to be the ‘original’ Bahrain, it had fallen on bad days in the recent past, thanks to the population growth and reckless urbanisation. However, in the last couple of years, the Culture Ministry has started several restoration projects, which are hopefully taking the old lanes and by-lanes, not to mention the ancient houses and ‘havelis’, back to their once glorious past.

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Those were the days

These two pictures of policemen directing “traffic” in the 1950s, in Manama, are from a book on old Bahrain. It’s just so refreshing to look at life in those days. While there is only a single “car” in one of the pictures, in the other, there is not even that. Perhaps the officer, whose bicycle…


Restoring the Pearl Route

These are perhaps the first public pictures of the ancient Fakhroo Mansion, said to be around 200 years old, in the heart of Old Muharraq Town undergoing renovation and restoration. The property, now in the hands of the Culture Ministry, is part of Bahrain’s Pearl Route or Pearl Pathway, the corridor where the pearling community…


Relic reborn?

This is perhaps Bahrain’s first hotel, how fallen on bad days like so many other heritage sites. The Bahrain Hotel came into existence in the 1940’s and was once a luxury address, situated right at the waterfront on the Manama Harbour. Those were the days when 90 per cent of the visitors to Bahrain came…


It’s orange and it’s a HIT!

This is my ‘take’ on the famous Muharraq bicycle, a ‘must’ on the list of any tourist visiting Bahrain. I have seen this photograph on many blogs but had never seen it in real even tough we stay just a couple of kilometers away. It’s just an ordinary cycle but it’s painted orange for some…

Where is everybody?

I was extremely saddened this evening as I ventured out to the Manama waterfront park, or the Corniche as it is called, and found it deserted. But for a handful of children in the company of their bored-looking parents, and some officials, there was nothing else there. The dozen or so “rides” where children normally…