Feeling fresh

As kids, we caught butterflies and put them in a bottle. When it dies, the ‘corpse’ went within the pages of a very heavy book and ‘pressed’, only to end up a few days later on a chart paper – a part of the school project! I cannot, for the world of me, imagine, how…


Time for Lunch

Roadside workers sitting down to have a meal has always been one of the best sights anywhere. These men, coming from diverse backgrounds and of different nationalities, find time to get together as they take a break from work and present a picture of bonhomie, camaraderie and togetherness that can only come when they are…

The Pier

Sunset Pier

The sun had long gone down. But as I stepped on to this makeshift pier in Muharraq, there was this ‘glimmer’ of light that seemed to tell me to snap it up. This picture, taken on HDR settings, is my first such attempt. Of course, the tripod and the remote shutter came in handy!

Red Flowers

A Certain Spring in the Air

The times, they are a changing! As I stepped into the garden early this morning, the difference was very evident. Slightly cool, a gentle breeze and loads of dew on the grass meant it is finally getting ‘winetry’. While it will still be a month before we can get anywhere near  what we can loosely…

Summer Palm Tree Bahrain

Colours of the summer

This parched palm tree presented a rather sorry sight in the scorching 42C temperature but, even in that state, it was swaying as if happily in the hot afternoon breeze. Watching the picture on the screen later revealed the beautiful and striking colours – with the mix of yellow and green particularly outstanding!