Red Flowers

A Certain Spring in the Air

The times, they are a changing! As I stepped into the garden early this morning, the difference was very evident. Slightly cool, a gentle breeze and loads of dew on the grass meant it is finally getting ‘winetry’. While it will still be a month before we can get anywhere near  what we can loosely…

Summer Palm Tree Bahrain

Colours of the summer

This parched palm tree presented a rather sorry sight in the scorching 42C temperature but, even in that state, it was swaying as if happily in the hot afternoon breeze. Watching the picture on the screen later revealed the beautiful and striking colours – with the mix of yellow and green particularly outstanding!


That perfect match

A shop in Downtown Manama specialises in selling only thread. One can find several designs, colours and textures. There are also experts at hand who help customers with ideas and help them make that perfect match. At first glance, this picture doesn’t make sense – but a closer look reveals the labyrinth of colours on…

Sunset, Sun, Colour, Beautiful, Beach,

No one ever said sunsets are boring

This is a beautiful Bahrain sunset – yet again. This is one magical aspect of this tiny island nation, and each time I step out with the camera, it creates an extremely vivid, and unreal feeling. This quote by John Ruskin sums it up beautifully: At sunset, nature is painting for us….day after day….pictures of…


Going Home

This municipal worker is heading home after a tiring day’s work in the heart of Manama’s financial district. He is obviously not bothered by the hot summer sun beating down and the noisy traffic all around him as he walks briskly, possibly towards the waiting company transport and, hopefully, a hot, fresh meal. It is…