The Pier

Sunset Pier

The sun had long gone down. But as I stepped on to this makeshift pier in Muharraq, there was this ‘glimmer’ of light that seemed to tell me to snap it up. This picture, taken on HDR settings, is my first such attempt. Of course, the tripod and the remote shutter came in handy!

The first sunset

The first sunset picture this winter season. With the temperatures in Bahrain suddenly taking a dip, it has become rather chilly and windy at sundown. With that, the clouds have also returned to dot the skies. This clouds, wind, temperature combination leads to a rather surreal setting, which this picture tries to show.



The beautiful Bahrain sunset pictured from the Muharraq Suq. It is rare to get a shot with the clouds at this time of the year but when that does happen, it provides some unusual patterns. This photograph appears to show a ‘mountain range’ on the ‘brightest star’ in the solar system.