Feeling fresh

As kids, we caught butterflies and put them in a bottle. When it dies, the ‘corpse’ went within the pages of a very heavy book and ‘pressed’, only to end up a few days later on a chart paper – a part of the school project! I cannot, for the world of me, imagine, how…

The Pier

Sunset Pier

The sun had long gone down. But as I stepped on to this makeshift pier in Muharraq, there was this ‘glimmer’ of light that seemed to tell me to snap it up. This picture, taken on HDR settings, is my first such attempt. Of course, the tripod and the remote shutter came in handy!


Going Home

This municipal worker is heading home after a tiring day’s work in the heart of Manama’s financial district. He is obviously not bothered by the hot summer sun beating down and the noisy traffic all around him as he walks briskly, possibly towards the waiting company transport and, hopefully, a hot, fresh meal. It is…


They are also human

I took these pictures this afternoon from my fourth floor kitchen window as I arrived home from work. As the food heated, I wondered what these men might have had for lunch – or whether they would have eaten at all. I also wondered why we forget how much hardships for some people, while others…


The Carnival’s Back In Town

A splash of colour on the first day of the 2015 Gulf Air Formula One Bahrain Grand Prix. The annual event, held at the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC), will feature a night race for the first time on Sunday, beginning well after sunset. Thousands of people will visit the BIC over the three days, a…