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‘Public’ transport

Bicycles always make a great picture but when it’s so many lined up in one place, the photograph becomes quite striking. This row of the so called common man’s transport is pictured next to the Bahrain Financial Harbour twin towers in Central Manama. I was told the cycles belong to the scores of mainly Asian…

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Those were the days

These two pictures of policemen directing “traffic” in the 1950s, in Manama, are from a book on old Bahrain. It’s just so refreshing to look at life in those days. While there is only a single “car” in one of the pictures, in the other, there is not even that. Perhaps the officer, whose bicycle…


Bench from the past

This bench and picture are reminiscent of the bygone days in Bahrain. Set up in one of the ‘original’ parts of the 112 year old American Mission Hospital, it is a far cry from the waiting rooms we have at hospitals today. Strangely, however, there was no one waiting to see a doctor, enabling a…

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The Huddle

Traders in Bahrain’s Old Gold Suq meet to discuss strategy. Participants are all ears as they listen in rapt attention to the one of the members speak. The picture was taken from the top floor balcony of the the Suq building.


Manama ‘street art’

This is what the ‘street art’ looks like in a ‘suburb’ of Manama, the Bahrain capital. Inhabited by hundreds of thousands of blue-collared workers from the Indian Sub Continent and The Philippines. Very few, if at all, local people stay in this area, which is also full of shops selling Asian food as well as…