Shocker at the Bay

This is what the Arad Bay Protected Area looked like this evening – dry, barren, dirty and not a bird in sight. Normally, there would be scores of migratory and local birds swarming all over, whether or not the tide is there or not. It’s not that our migratory friends have left for cooler climes…


The Lone Rangers

It’s very unusual for these birds to be seen in Bahrain at this time of the year but these two either stayed behind from last winter or are the proverbial ‘early birds’ for the next season. The Arad Bay, where these two pictures were taken this evening, is normally very ‘populated’ with all kinds feathered…

The camera sees it all

Resting a while after a walk in Arad, and fiddling with the camera, I randomly took a few pictures. Realising it was dark and not much could be “seen”, I nevertheless snapped away. And, to my surprise, came up with what I thought were some rather unusual shots. There’s an enthusiastic jogger running past me…

Sad Stork

While the thousands of migratory birds that make Bahrain their home in the winter have already left the country’s shores, this majestic but glum looking stork was spotted in the Arad Bay area, all alone and sitting quietly in a corner. Whether it missed the flight back home to the West or perhaps it stayed…


The Waltz

I snapped these majestic words taking a walk along the Arad Bay in Bahrain. It was a sight to see them make their way across the rising tide but not really moving much. While common to spot storks and other migratory birds on the coastline, I have rarely spotted so many in one group.

Love Birds

This beautiful “couple” was spotted near the Bahrain International Airport. The stork “interaction”, even if it was two weeks after Valentines Day, took place as the high tide was coming in at the Arad Walkway, providing hundreds of evening walkers with an interesting interlude.

Midnight ‘express’

Having moved into a new house in the last two weeks, and only now having adjusted to the surroundings, I had my first “tryst” with picking up a friend from the Bahrain International Airport close to midnight last night. While picking up and dropping friends is rather routine in Bahrain (where no one ever takes…