Old Glory

Bahraini girls play hopscotch in the old part of Bahrain’s Muharraq district.
Though Muharraq Island is considered to be the ‘original’ Bahrain, it had fallen on bad days in the recent past, thanks to the population growth and reckless urbanisation. However, in the last couple of years, the Culture Ministry has started several restoration projects, which are hopefully taking the old lanes and by-lanes, not to mention the ancient houses and ‘havelis’, back to their once glorious past.



Books are a hard-bound drug, with no danger of an overdose! I am a happy victim of books  –-picture taken at the Bahrain Culture Ministry Restoration Project, Muharraq  

Old Phone Box Ancient Reelic

Rusted Relic

There was a time when these phone boxes on the roadside were ‘music’ for our eyes, since these were the only connection we had with our folks back home – being in a foreign land, thousands of miles away. Sadly, and thanks to the mobile phone and other technology, these are now in disuse, full…


Lonely life in the desert

This is perhaps one of the world’s loneliest trees. Bahrain’s Tree of Life, reportedly around 500 years old, is also number 6 in a list of the world’s seven most amazing trees. The mesquite tree sits at the highest point in the barren desert, miles from the another natural tree and is thought to have…

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Those were the days

These two pictures of policemen directing “traffic” in the 1950s, in Manama, are from a book on old Bahrain. It’s just so refreshing to look at life in those days. While there is only a single “car” in one of the pictures, in the other, there is not even that. Perhaps the officer, whose bicycle…


Bench from the past

This bench and picture are reminiscent of the bygone days in Bahrain. Set up in one of the ‘original’ parts of the 112 year old American Mission Hospital, it is a far cry from the waiting rooms we have at hospitals today. Strangely, however, there was no one waiting to see a doctor, enabling a…