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DSC_7092 DSC_7102 DSC_7632The weather in Bahrain has been rather dull in the last few days. High speed winds, a dust haze, light rain and mist have all contributed to a little chill and ‘unhealthy’ conditions.
During the last few days as well, I was as usual out taking a stroll on the Muharraq coast and met this Bahraini gentleman with his Nikon D800, apparently relishing the weather and taking shots of the dust, the haze and what he termed “moving clouds.”
While I was not at ease, he said he preferred that kind of weather with the clouds “moving”, which he claimed, gave him a better perspective. We did exchange a few notes on cameras and conditions and then went our respective ways but not before I took some shots of him taking pictures.
He readily agreed to have himself shot and seemed unperturbed at my intrusion only looking up with some interest when I had finished with him and focussed my attention on a rather large cat that had observed us.
It’s very heartwarming to see there are so many others out there having a great time with their equipment during whatever free time they get. Or, rather, those who make time to fuel their passion for photography.DSC_7633