Fisher Men of Bahrain

Over the last few days, a very large number of people have fished on the coast of Bahrain. This is particularly true on the seashore in Busaiteen and Muharraq, well-known ‘haunts’ for angling enthusiasts. While this has been Bahrain men’s favourite pastime for many generations, the activity intensifies as the winter ends and warmer weather…


Special Offer

We wanted Indian food today. And we did not want to have it at home! And we also did not want ‘fast-food’ and we wanted a state-of-the-art cozy place. So we went to Yalla-Yalla Restaurant in Al Safir Hotel and Towers. But there was a problem! They do not serve Indian fare. However, a quick…

DSC_7003 copy

Duck Dynasty

Though we go for an evening walk on the coast fairly regularly, this evening was a first in a very peculiar way. This is because we came across a bunch of ducks, taking a walk of their own! And the way they were waddling in a straight line – as if taking part in a…


The Untyring

This grizzly cub was seen playing to the galleries at the Al Aren Wildlfe Park and Reserve. Easily the star attraction, this playful creäture was the cynosure of all eyes during the weekend holiday rush at the reserve.

That’s is the truth!

This very apt quote is what I have always believed in – ever since I started to take pictures with a Diana box camera and a Kodak Baby Brownie. I try to adhere to this even now, taking pictures that are not “seen” by the naked eye. I am not sure how far I succeed…

Wild life in the desert!

  These are some more pictures from the Al Areen Wildlife Park in Bahrain. Our visit last week was a revelation because we never expected so many varieties of birds and animals there. Of particular interest were the scores of giant ostriches and several varieties of deer – including the Arabia Oryx, not to mention…


Lover Boy!

Saw this interesting scene at the Al Areen Wildlife Park, Bahrain, where, apparently, a male duck was aggressively “claiming” his companion from competition! He was successful after a very brief struggle and the couple happily sailed away!