Past and Pure

Two young girls play hopscotch on the street in Bahrain’s Muharraq neighbourhood. The country’s oldest ‘town’ is still home to hundreds of ancient houses and historical structures and the area’s residents identify strongly with old Bahraini traditions and ancient way of living. Many of Bahrain’s well-known tourist destinations are also situated on the island.

Say No More

Writers are lampposts and critics are dogs. Ask lampposts what they think about dogs. Does the dog hurt the lamppost? -Paulo Coelho  


Two photography enthusiasts ‘captured’ during an outing in Northern Bahrain’s Budaiya Municipal Garden. This chance encounter shows one of the men taking a picture while the other captures his friend, both oblivious to a third amateur having caught them in his own frame!

To the Podium – Take One

This was the day I was waiting for. In a way, this is the beginning. For the first time, I had a picture taken by me feature in an exhibition the Bahrain Arts Centre. It felt good there – describing to guests where I took the picture and what camera and lens used. Suddenly, all…

Future Sense

While Bahrain is more than self-sufficient in oil and gas and has no worries at least for the next few decades, the leadership’s pragmatic approach has made sure there is heavy investment in harnessing the abundant wind and sunlight as well. This experimental wind and solar energy station in the Awali Township is the first…

Gum it a Go

I learnt something interesting today. That chewing gum helps one concentrate better. Wow – that was a revelation! Now I know why cricketers always look like cows chewing the cud, now I am aware why (ex) colleagues went around desperately seeing gum when they ran out and now I have an idea why I could…

Tiny Thought

This little girl, her father’s hand on her tiny shoulder, looks out towards the setting sun as another day is bid adieu. Oblivious to everything else, the tiny tot is comfortable in her own little world and in her own comfort zone.