My Tryst with the Lens


A journalist in Bahrain, I started my career at one of India’s leading newspapers, The Hindustan Times, in 1983. Later, I joined the Indian Express prior to a foray into the Gulf, in 1996. In Bahrain, I have worked at the now defunct Bahrain Tribune and at the Gulf Daily News.
Having developed an interest in photography at a very early age, in the days of the ‘box’ camera and 120 mm films, over a period of time this has developed into a hobby and a passion.
I am now working on a book of pictures, where I intend to showcase my perspective of Bahrain, for which I go around in my free time capturing interesting images and unique frames.

A selection of some of those images, as well as some thoughts and snippets on life as it moves along, are presented on these pages.

One response to “My Tryst with the Lens

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