Making of a Scribe

There was a time when it was said if someone did not get any other job, he became a journalist! After all, all one needed was a shoulder “man” bag, a loose-fitting long shirt, a pen and a notepad and a rubber “Hawai” slipper to get going. That was unfortunately the impression when I set…


These “policemen” from the days Bahrain became independent in 1971, were at the Interior Ministry stand during the recent Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix. The Indian influence in their uniforms and headgear is apparent – no surprise since, among other things, even Indian “external rupees” were the currency till the mid 1960’s.

Farmers’ Market

The first-of-its-kind initiative in Bahrain where local farmers can sell their produce, without the middlemen. This place started off as a vegetable and fruit market and progressed to be a weekend family picnic spot.

Suq Reborn

I have seen over the last two years how business in Bahrain has been badly affected by the unfortunate sequence of events. No one has been worse affected in this turmoil that this tiny nation has gone through than the small traders and businessmen, who have had to either downsize their operations or close them…