The benches on the pier


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DSC_9128Cloudy skies, the cool evening breeze and the high tide made for an interesting combination on Bahrain’s Muharraq coast. This fisherman’s ‘village’ is among the most picturesque on the island and one of the most photographed as well. I was just one among around half a dozen ‘cameramen’ positioned strategically to capture the lovely sights. And this rather surreal shot of the pier with its two sightseeing benches made for perfect frame!


Into the mind of a rapist – and the law!


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This documentary is NOT against India. It’s against RAPE, be it in India, the US, UK, South Africa or anywhere else!

We should watch it and get OUTRAGED.
If we are OUTRAGED enough, the purpose is beginning to be served!

Holy Cow!


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The reaction of a section of the Indian media and the politicians is obnoxious. This is the case of the proverbial ostrich that buries its head in the sand hoping no one would see it and thus it would escape a so-called predator. Wake up, India, because the predators are within, waiting to pounce on the very psyche of this country!

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Can it be happening?

India is outraged by a documentary showing a tragedy calledwomen of India.

Face it. It’s a FACT.

Don’t understand howexposing gender inequality in India will harm my country! And dear women, what are you protesting against, your self interest?

And all this before the film is even out.

Their argument: Showing interview of the rapists and men blaming women for getting raped will make those men heroes!Heroes? In the eyes of whom? Potential rapists, who were waitng for inspiration in the form os a documentary ? Haven’t heard a more absurd thought.

Things have reached such a flashpoint that the director Leslee Udwin has now appealed to the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, to intervene and help lift aban imposed in India. Politicians and protesters had ganged up against the screening of the filmmade around the brutal rape in December 2012 of 23-year-old physiotherapy student Jyoti…

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Those were the days


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1 (353) Image0132  3These two pictures of policemen directing “traffic” in the 1950s, in Manama, are from a book on old Bahrain. It’s just so refreshing to look at life in those days. While there is only a single “car” in one of the pictures, in the other, there is not even that. Perhaps the officer, whose bicycle stands parked next to the traffic island, has stopped a vehicle for an elderly man in the background to cross the road.
Those were the days!

Period Look


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DSC_9769 copy 2I got rid of the colour on this rather ordinary picture and saw it looked like a shot out of an ancient photography book. Though there are a few things that give the picture away, like the modern bridge in the background and the outboard motors on boats, the look and ‘feel’ of this fishing village on the outskirts of Muharraq give it a period look. Bahrain, in the olden days, looked very much like this.



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