God’s own canvas


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qqA cloudy and overcast evening in Bahrain. The rain is falling – ever so lightly – but the weather is heavenly – the winter has not yet gone while the terrible summer seems a long way away.
This is the bonus weather to enjoy for as many days as it’s around – because the “griller’ is certainly not far away!
The picture seems like it’s been painted – and why not – God’s the best painter, sculptor and architect – all rolled into one!

Boat aground


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DSC_7875This boat on the Busaiteen coast in Bahrain presents a rather eerie sight, lying as it does a quite a distance from the ‘highest’ point of the tide.
Some local fishermen said thought the derelict boat had been left there by someone who no longer had any use for it, a few years ago, the seawater did reach that area and even beyond.
But, thanks to reckless reclamation and other man-made issues, the sea has now ‘travelled’ away and, even during the highest tide, there is no water for at least a couple of hundred meters.
I wonder then, if the trend continued, would there be any sea left at all in a few decades? That, as they say, only time will tell.

The Church on the Hill


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DSC_8233One of the most ‘period’ places I have seen is the small little town of Kasauli, tucked away in the hills of Solan District in India’s Himachal Pradesh state.
And, in Kasauli, there is no more quaint a place than the old Christ Church, that was established in 1844.
DSC_8243Nearly 200 years old, this place of worship still stands tall and strong, majestically overseeing all the modernisation around and as buildings nowhere near the age of this stone and stained glass structure bite the dust!
Christ Church was earlier an Anglican church, and has, since 1970, been under the auspices of the Church of North India (CNI) in the diocese of Amritsar. The church has Spanish and Italian imported stained glass windows depicting Christ, Mary, Saint Barnabas and Saint Francis.

‘Coffee’ break


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lunchBlue-collared workers at a Bahrain construction site take time off to rest and have a snack. The real estate sector in the country is once again on an upswing after several years of uncertainty, especially in the aftermath of the global financial crisis and the political events in the region in 2011.



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