Prayer Island


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Mosque in BahrainI have driven by this very busy traffic island in Bahrain’s Salmabad area scores of times but this shot from on board a helicopter presented an entirely different, and surreal look. I cannot for the world of me figure out how a mosque came up ON this roundabout and attracts thousands of worshipers. To top it all, there is no traffic light – a RED signal – that gets traffic to halt for a moment so the devout can safely cross over. Well, as they say, it’s truly divine intervention and nothing else!

Being foolish?


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Catty Cat 1 Catty Cat Catty Cat 3 Catty Cat 2I guess it’s time for this cat to say goodbye – to this life at least!
Barely had I escorted Tyson inside the house than this rather menacing looking creature appeared from behind the wall and sat on the ‘toadstool’ I have set up with a makeshift birdbath, having a rather ‘cool’ drink!
Tyson, as expected, went ballistic – thankfully behind closed doors.
What I gather, of course, is that this one’s taking too much of a chance – it’s probably exhausted all but one of its nine lives and has to, sooner or later, become Tyson’s fourth feline victim.
Perhaps it was lying in wait for the opportune moment and made an appearance as soon as the coast was clear or is it that supreme confidence it could come to no harm?
Time will tell, which, I am guessing, is not far away! Tyson’s eying his trophy and this one’s chancing its luck. Watch this space!

Anybody speak ‘bird’?


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Scores of pigeons relax on a telephone wire before retiring for the day

Several moments before I took this picture, I wondered what these birds might be saying to each other after a rather strenuous day out. The racket they made was deafening and ‘exciting’. They were visibly happy, however. I wish we spoke their language. How awesome would that be?


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